Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Update on RET

We covered the chapter on Atomic Structure and performed labs on the Flame Test and Atomic Spectrum. Upon completion of the material, I presented each class with a power point on my RET experience at BU. The students were facinated. They did not know anything about lasers, let alone that a whole science field existed in this area. I even heard from students in other classes that my students loved the presentation and even told their peers about it. This is very exciting news to a teacher. I also encouraged the students to keep an open mind a bout a career in the STEM field. They were curious and excited and want me to get a field trip together to visit the photonics center!!!! We will see!

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Week 5 RET

Dr. Helen Fawcett was kind enough to provide the teachers with microscopes that could be viewed in the classroom on the overhead projector. I will use this microscope throughout the year. All students may bring in whatever they are interested in viewing!

Week 5 RET

The Scanning Electron Microscope, as you can see, produces very sharp and clear images at small scales. This is a photo of a mosquito. Do you recognize any specific parts?

Week 5 RET

We go to see how and SES- Scanning Electron Microscope works this week. Basically, it is a microscope that uses a beam of electrons that interact with the atoms that make up the sample that is being viewed. Signals are produced that contain information about the sample's surface, composition and other properties. We looked at our photolithography nano-pattern and viewed the imperfections as seen in this picture. Can you see what magnification this is at? Can you see what size this particle is?

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Week 4 video

This video will definitely not win an academy award but I do not think it is too bad for my first go at it!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Week 4

Another workshop involved learning how to use software in the laboratory setting. The instructor clearly explained the mechanicals behind computer science and technology and gave me the confidence I needed to explore this unfamiliar territory. Swampscott High School has access to software and materials that I have not had time to use and get accustomed to. I will make a goal of mine this year to take advantage of all my resources.

Week 4

This week involved many workshops on pedagogy or educational lessons. Problem based learning is a teaching tool designed to get students to think critically and work in teams to design solutions to problems. It is a wonderful technique that I already use in my classroom but will definitely think of new ideas and case studies for this year. The RET teachers worked on solving the problem of building a smaller and more efficient wind turbine that was not costly. It was fun and gave me some insight into how teachers also need to work together and collaborate.